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Hello, World!

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Hi folks!

I'm Dani, a javascript developer from Chennai who loves building applications. I usually work with React & React Native and have been building some interesting apps. You can go to where you'll find some of my cool work.

But why node_modules?

Yeah, I have another blog in the above domain, but its target audience is the general public and the articles are written in a way that everybody can understand it. I wanted a blog where I can completely geek out writing pure tech & coding stuff that I love hence I decided to create node_modules targetted only at developers!

What to expect from node_modules?

I work with javascript frameworks like React, React Native, MobX etc. Every time I come across something interesting in these tools I'll be sharing them up in this blog. I'm also building a ton of opensource libraries at Github, so this blog will also be updated with details of how I built those libraries!

This post marks the launch of Dani’s personal tech blog. Time to geek out! 👨🏽‍💻